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The Importance of a Chimney Sweep...
A service offered here at the Pott Belly Shop by the professionals...

A chimney, whether it's a part of your fireplace or stove, that has not been properly maintained can lead to several problems, with the most common being smoke that fills your home rather than being vented up and out your chimney.

Manufacturers recommend that  a chimney sweep and regular maintenance should be done at least once a year to ensure safe burning conditions on all wood and pellet stoves and/or fireplaces. 

Over time, soot can buildup in your chimney, and if a chimney cap is not installed at the top of your chimney, then leaves and other debris can also plug up your chimney. This can result in occasional or continuous smoking entering your home. The professional chimney sweeps and girls working in the shop here at the Pott Belly Shop can address these problems if you find that regular chimney maintenance has not solved your smoking problems.

A chimney cap is also necessary to keep birds, squirrels, and other animals out of your chimney. Birds' nests can often be found in chimneys without a chimney cap, and can potentially cause chimney fires. A chimney cap also prevents down drafting and other debris getting into it, an important factor for safety.

Within the chimney itself, a substance called creosote can form and adhered to the walls of the chimney. Creosote is formed from the un-burned gasses in the wood that travels up your chimney.  Too much accumulation of creosote can cause a blockage or reduce airflow. Make sure if you believe you have this issue to call us to schedule an appointment for a chimney sweep. Burning things like Dura-Flame chimney sweep logs can only be more hazardous, burning off the waxes from the log, which could potentially start a chimney fire. 

Intensive cleaning of a chimney and fireplace can be a messy job, and there are many things to consider that a professional chimney sweep will have experience in that you may not think of. During chimney maintenance, cracks, deterioration, airflow and draft control, creosote buildup, and many other things must be checked, cleaned, and considered to ensure a safely working fireplace or stove.

Gas burning fireplaces  and stoves also require periodic maintenance, but  require different methods of cleaning.

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