Freestanding Wood Stoves



 The Answer Wood Stove is a beautiful small stove built with heavy-duty, high quality construction. This wood stove uses a five-sided convection chamber to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Cool room air is naturally drawn around the hot firebox, heated, and returned back into the room without using a convection fan. The Answer's 1.6 cubic foot firebox is large enough to hold an 18" log, offering longer burn times with less reloading. This wood stove is also alcove and mobile home approved.  


This wood burning stove is ideal for heating medium to large sized homes and living spaces. It featu

 This wood burning stove is ideal for heating medium to large sized homes and living spaces. It features one of the cleanest burning fireboxes of any mid-sized wood stove at only 1.9 grams of emissions per hour! The firebox can also hold logs up to 18" in length and provides longer burn times. 



 The Liberty is a big stove that's big on heat! This wood burning stove is made for heating large homes and living spaces up to 2,500 square feet. Its huge firebox and viewing area allow you to fully appreciate the splendor of the fire while being able to load wood up to 24" long. It also features a single control to adjust airflow, making it easy to achieve burn times up to 12 hours. The Liberty's step-top design is enchanting yet functional, providing cooking and warming surfaces as well as radiant and convective heat. 



 Compact yet strong, the Aspen wood stove adds warmth and style to intimate spaces. When every element is meticulously crafted, quality speaks for itself. The north-south design and integrated ash pan allow you to load the logs and clean with ease.

Intrepid FlexBurn


 Compact and efficient, the distinguished Intrepid wood stove offers the classic warmth and timeless beauty synonymous with Vermont Castings, now with the convenience of FlexBurn Technology. The style and strength of 100% cast iron construction, combined with features not found often on stoves of this size, put the Intrepid FlexBurn in a class of its own. When paired with the optional catalytic performance pack, it becomes the cleanest burning wood stove ever certified by the EPA. 

Defiant FlexBurn


 The Defiant FlexBurn provides more than heat: it’s a skillfully crafted, timeless piece of furniture. Great design bridges beauty and utility, and a finely-fashioned exterior with classic curves and smooth cast iron finish complements features made with care. 



 Hearthstone's signature stove! Functional, beautiful and just the right size for your mid-sized home. Top or rear flue exits, large fire box for extra heat output and soapstone facing on the oven-style side-loading door (available with left or right door). Glass stays clean for fire viewing. 



 The Castleton gives you the heating qualities of soapstone and the detailing of fine cast iron. Designed to maintain a warm, consistent heat, the Castleton is simple, reliable, affordable, and beautiful. 



Perfect for those who don't need as much heat. Heats a small home or takes the chill out of a large room. 



 The Craftsbury is remarkably adaptable to a variety of spaces. Embossed cast iron, soapstone-lined firebox and medium heating capacity are just right for a smaller home or large room. Choose brown, basil or matte black. 

Boston 1200/1700


 The Boston 1200 Wood Freestanding Stove from Enviro features a large firebox, a single easy-to-use draft control, Ultra strong air wash to keep glass clean and an heavy duty construction. Mobile home approved.